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Mona Pavilions by Fender Katsalidis Architects

Bold, diamond shaped steel frames anchored to the ground by large, off form concrete blades. Weathered timber clad boxes to the rear slip between these steel structures.

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Necronomicon Books by MilleCuirs

fuckin right

Guys there’s something wrong with my book


going to college is great

getting married is great

having children is great

but implying that there’s something wrong with people who don’t want to do those things and that they’ll never feel fulfilled in life if they never do those things is not great


Ho-hum, finally! I opened the store to sell the copies of the “A redtail’s Dream” book that I have left over from the print drive. You can grab one here: http://minnasundberg.storenvy.com/


Those of you who don’t know,A redtail’s Dream" is the webcomic that I made before I started "Stand Still. Stay Silent. I finished it last summer and had a print drive for the book on Indiegogo (raised just over 150.000 bucks, woop!) to print 2000 copies, and about 1200 of them were already sold through the print drive. I’m not planning on making a second printing since I’m focusing my all on my current webcomic, so it’s a limited edition book. Yay!

The book has 608 pages of which about 560 is the comic, there’s a bunch of extra content in the back to make you all happy. It’s hardcover, smyth sewn, with an elegant red chapter band, silver foiling and embossing on the cover and, of course, full color interiors. It’s…a brick. A very fancy brick. 

The comic is about the young Finnish lad Hannu Viitanen and his dog Ville (who isn’t a dog for most of the comic) going on an Finnish mythology-inspired adventure somewhere by the edge of the afterlife. Completely against their will, naturally. The story is pretty light-hearted and suitable for children, possibly sans for a couple of parts with mythological beasties with scary teeth and stuff. :O

>And here’s a link to the store again<



My finished webcomicA Redtail’s Dream

My current, ongoing webcomicStand Still. Stay Silent


Apr 7




I am trying really hard to contain my excitement about this video. 

So cool! *o*

stop motion at it’s finest

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Apr 6

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Apr 4
Night in the Woods :- Kickstarter backer pack has arrived.ZINE!

Night in the Woods :- Kickstarter backer pack has arrived.







Wire Bonsai by Ken To

Bonsai is a reflective art, but you could almost see yourself in the delicately wrapped copper wire that Ken uses to cnstruct his miniature bonsai sculptures, which are available to purchase at his rondei.

Artist: ebay / DeviantArt

omg yes! wanna learn how to do this😍

Malcolm can breathe easy now, Jin has found a new Hobby

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A Package from Finland you say?  That can only mean…

A Readtail’s Dream has arrived!

I backed aRTD on its IndieGoGo page after I started reading the long-form comic from when around chapter 2 started (beginning at page 1 of course!).
One of my favourite webcomics, after it finished, I was happy to plonk down the $90 or so for the book format.

quote from the website:-
"A Redtail’s Dream" is a webcomic about a young man and his shapeshifting dog on an involuntary journey on the other side of the Bird’s Path in the realm of dreams. They have to rescue their fellow Villagers before their souls pass on to Tuonela, the land of eternal sleep."

Build quality is lovely, the book feels solid and heavy.  And quickly scanning the pages I see no printing/bleeding flaws.
The whole thing is still online for those wanting to read it, but support the international arts and buy it if Minna Sundberg ever puts it up in a store.

And while you are at it, Minna’s second comic Stand Still. Stay Silent is up for viewing too.